Review of Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil Tincture for Dogs and Cats

Every pet owner wishes to see the pet active and healthy. This is because, the pets invariably become part of us overtime. When they are healthy, they serve as better companions and when they are sad, the reverse is the case. This is why there is need for every per owner to put in ample time in the medical care of the animals. Natural CBD Oil Tincture for dogs and cats is the best product to take care of most of the basic needs of your pet. With the professional nature of Penelope’s Bloom, they have been able to come Read More

CBDFx CBD Oil for Pets – Small Breeds Review

Cannabidiol (CBD) is not only great for humans, and research has revealed that pets can also enjoy the benefits of CBD. According to studies, CBD works in humans in the same way as pets via the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is a part of the nervous system responsible for proper well-being. ECS is responsible for regulating essential functions such as mood, appetite, heart rate, and many others. This is one reason why CBD is so effective because it works via the ECS. Today, many brands are not only offering CBD products for humans but also pets. Although there are Read More

CBDfx CBD Vape Oil Additive Review

Many analog smokers have now shifted to vaping as it is healthier and still lets you experience that nicotine rush. However, nicotine is considered a highly addictive chemical regardless if it is inhaled via cigarettes or vaped. You may find CBD vape to be a better option. CBD (or cannabidiol) does not contain nicotine or any of the harsh chemicals present in tobacco, and it is not addictive. Instead, studies show that CBD has many potential health benefits such as relieving pain or reducing anxiety. Also, it is available in different forms, including vape products. As a vaper, I prefer Read More